Kim is an outstanding mentor and coach! She guided me through my difficult moments and always knew exactly what to say to keep my head in the game. She provided excellent guidance by using a combination of remarkable knowledge and has an eye for proper technique. She is a great coach, and her prior experience doesn’t even begin to capture that. There was never a dull moment in practice with her, because she not only made it enjoyable, but I always felt that I was consistently improving my performance thanks to her. Words cannot express how happy I am to have had her as a coach.

- Natali S.

The progress I made in just a few sessions with Kim was more improvement than I made in 3 years golfing. Kim was able to pin-point my trouble areas on day one. She made a few adjustments and in a short time, my swing went from stiff and forced too effortless and natural. Now, nothing beats the satisfaction of a perfect ball strike. Working with Kim has been game changing.

- Alyson B.